Gideons Take God’s Word To San Jose

by The Gideons International on June 8, 2011

SAN JOSE, CA – In May, a team of Gideons conducted a Scripture Blitz in the metropolitan area of San Jose, CA. 103 Gideons and 27 Auxiliary participated in the four-day event. In all, more than 86,000 Scriptures were placed including nearly 17,000 on college campuses and over 21,000 at public schools.

The blitz included distributions to hotels and motels, medical workers, schools, colleges and universities.

“The overall spirit of service and desire to reach the lost by the local Gideons and Auxiliary was very high for this blitz effort. The team was well-organized and most all of the details were worked out in advance,” said team leader, Randall Bjork.

“Many hotel and motel Scriptures were distributed during this blitz and every known facility was contacted. These facilities included large hotels as well as very small roadside places,” says Bjork.

“Nearly all of the businesses accepted the Word, with only a handful refusing the free copies,” he added.

However, as so often happens on these blitzes, the Gideons did face some opposition.

As Mr. Bjork was handing out Scriptures on public property near a school in San Lorenzo, he was confronted by five students. One of the students began to challenge The Gideons’ right to hand out free copies of God’s Word. Then one of the students became quite indignant and launched into a barrage of remarks including questioning the authority of Scriptures, accusing people who believe in God as being foolish, questioning creation in the face of “proof” for evolution and suggesting that God was homosexual.

Bjork continued to hand out Scriptures until a school official asked him to move to another nearby area. At that point, several students followed him and asked to receive their New Testaments.

He was later approached by a boy who told Bjork that he simply wanted to know God.

Bjork gave the young man a New Testament and instructed him to begin by reading the book of John.

“God will speak to you as you read,” he told the student.

The young man thanked him, and quickly made his way onto the school bus which had arrived.

Please pray for this young man and the many others who received Scriptures during this blitz, and that they may come to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Also, please pray for Gideons as they encounter confrontation during Scripture distributions. Pray that the Holy Spirit will give them the patience, humility and confidence to allow those situations to bring glory to God.

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