Testimony: Jesus Does What Healers, Witches and Wizards Can’t

by The Gideons International on November 18, 2011

Tucker lost his father in 1990. He subsequently received threats of physical assault and murder from people who wanted his father’s estate. This was followed by attacks of witchcraft.

Tucker fell seriously ill. He attended the best clinics and received many tests and treatments over the next year. When doctors failed and sent him home to die, one of his relatives took him to various healers, witches and wizards, but all were in vain. His peers and family members all rejected him. In deep pain, anger, frustration and agony, he tried to take his own life on two different occasions.

Then, a friend with a Gideon New Testament introduced him to Jesus Christ. God delivered him from all the pain. Being a first generation born-again Christian, his family rejected him.

With the joy and comfort he found in Jesus, Tucker didn’t even have to take over the much-coveted estate. He preferred the much better, incorruptible inheritance in Christ, his new Lord and Savior. Today, Tucker is a pastor and head of a successful ministry that is winning many souls for Christ in Uganda.

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David lubuli munyengo November 21, 2011 at 4:17 am

Dieu est tout simplement me rveilleux


Lee Gallion November 21, 2011 at 6:03 am

“His ways are not our ways and our ways are not His ways”. “Gain the whole world and lose your own soul” – another soul saved from Hell as Tucker chose treasures in Heaven for treasures on earth, praise God for a faithful Gideon who know that “God’s Word does not return void”.


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