Sharing God’s Word And Bearing Fruit

by The Gideons International on April 17, 2015

Reverend Nelson Perkinson and his wife, Jill.

Reverend Nelson Perkinson and his wife, Jill.

Growing up in Arkansas, Nelson Perkinson was raised in a Christian family. From his earliest years, he felt the Lord’s presence in his life.

“Looking back, I was always receptive to the Lord,” he says. When he was in sixth grade, a Scripture he received from a Gideon during a distribution left an impression on him about the importance of sharing God’s Word. By age 12, he had asked Jesus into his heart as his Lord and Savior.

It was at a church service at the age of 17 when his life was impacted forever. “We were having a revival, and at the closing invitation, I felt convicted by the Holy Spirit to respond to the altar call.”

However, as Nelson started taking steps toward the front of the church during the invitation, he wasn’t sure exactly what he would do when he got to the altar. He wondered, “Lord, I know I’m saved and I’m even serving You here in church. So why are You asking me to go forward?” He was about halfway down the aisle when he realized the real meaning of this moment. The Lord was placing a calling on his life to pursue serving full-time in the ministry. The thought frightened him so much he didn’t share the revelation with anyone else. Instead, when he reached the front of the church, he pretended his public walk to the altar was simply a moment for private prayer.

He struggled through two years of college before surrendering to the ministry calling God placed on his life. Immediately, the Lord began to bless his obedience. One of those blessings was his introduction to a lovely young lady named Jill. The two fell in love and married.

Partnering With Gideons To Spread The Gospel
After Nelson completed seminary, he and his wife answered the call to move to New Jersey to start a church. It was during their service there when they first began to partner with The Gideons International. That partnership would continue to grow as the Perkinsons raised their family and then moved to serve at a church in Wisconsin. While there, he also began serving as a chaplain to the U.S. military.

“We relied heavily on Gideons during my service as a chaplain,” he says. It was through The Gideons International that he was able to get Scriptures placed into the hands of military members.

After a few years in Wisconsin, he led his family in another huge step of faith and moved overseas to serve as a missionary. After those two decades of missionary service, the Perkinsons moved back to Wisconsin to serve at Benton Bible Church, where they have been for 17 years. They have shepherded the congregation to be very mission-minded. Today, the church reaches out in a number of ways to share Christ’s love with their local community and throughout the world.

Genuine Admiration For Gideons
The Perkinsons’ strong focus on the importance of preparing believers for personal evangelism is another reason why they are so supportive of The Gideons International. For decades, they have been greatly inspired by the commitment of Gideons to reach the lost for Christ.

“Gideons are Christian men who have really stepped up to another level. They have a kingdom view of the Lord,” says Dr. Perkinson. “Some Christian organizations have strayed from working with the church and now treat the church as if it’s a dinosaur,” he says. “Not so for the ministry of The Gideons International. It has always been connected with the church, and I know I can count on Gideons to have my back as long as we’re a Bible teaching church.”


Send the Word, Change a Life

by The Gideons International on April 10, 2015

Gideon Card 500 wide

In the past year, over 12.5 million Scriptures have been distributed thanks to donations through GideonCards. Here’s a testimony from a mother in Nashville, Tennessee who received GideonCards after the loss of her daughter:

“When my daughter Allison passed, many friends were able to express sympathy by sending GideonCards. Some of the cards had designated more than one Scripture purchase in my daughter’s name. In the end, over 600 copies of God’s Word were donated in memory of Allison. Though her life was cut short, she still served as the Lord’s missionary.”

GideonCards are Christian greeting cards that allow you to send God’s Word in memory or in honor of a friend or family member. They are available on our website. With your donation, The Gideons International will share your gift of Bibles to any of the 200 countries, territories, and possessions around the world where we are represented.

To find out how you can start sharing God’s Word by sending GideonCards, click here.

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