Testimony: Bill Saye

by The Gideons International on September 4, 2015

During the 1970s, Bill Saye ran the largest drug operation in the USA. However, his criminal activity carried devastating consequences for him and his family. He escaped five attempts on his life, his wife was murdered, his son was kidnapped, and his daughter was severely beaten.

Bill was eventually arrested. One day in prison, with all hope seemingly lost, he heard God speak to him: “Bill, you’ve had everything this world has to offer and look where it got you.”

Broken by the consequences of a lifetime of making the wrong choices, Bill walked to the prison chapel where he spotted something lying on a table in the chapel library. It was a Gideon-placed New Testament. Watch his testimony to see how that New Testament would set him on a path to change his life.


Testimony: Alan Robison

by The Gideons International on August 28, 2015

Alan Robison grew up attending church with his mom and dad every week. However, as he grew into an adult, he fell into alcoholism. On the outside, he appeared fine. He had a good job and provided for his wife and children. But on the inside, he was empty.

One Christmas Eve at home, Alan happened to run across a New Testament distributed through The Gideons International. Watch his testimony to see how the Lord used that Scripture to begin speaking to Alan’s heart.