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by The Gideons International on December 19, 2014

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As The Gideons International approaches distribution of the 2 billionth Bible or New Testament, we realize it is only one milestone in fulfilling the Great Commission. There are still so many people without access to God’s Word. It’s been a long road to 2 billion, filled with much prayer, incredible testimonies, and the support of members and donors like you.

From the start of our Association in 1899, Gideons were a band of traveling salesmen who, with holy enthusiasm, shared their faith on the highways and in the byways of their territories. According to the early ministry documents, they “enthusiastically recited their experience while traveling; how train crew and passengers had joined in the service, and how here and there had been recorded the confessions of a newfound Christ.”

In 1908, it was decided to take up the plan of placing Bibles in the bedrooms of the hotels of America. That first year, we placed 5,774 Bibles. Today, Gideons distribute more than one million Scriptures every five days in 199 countries. This is only accomplished through the prayers and undergirding of our churches and dedicated Christians like you.

One new way to facilitate spreading the Good News of Christ is to become a Friend of Gideons. As a Friend, you partner to make a real difference in your community and around the world as you reinforce our common goal to win the lost to Christ.

As a Prayer Partner, you will see where God is at work changing lives through your ongoing prayers and our combined efforts. You will also keep up with how best to pray for this ministry and those in need of God’s Word. Prayer Partners receive our Friends eNews, our Prayer Calendar, and invitations to specific local events. Click here for more information on how to sign up for free.

Those seeking a higher level of engagement with the mission of The Gideons International can choose to be Financial Partners receive all the above benefits, plus access to our pocket New Testaments, The Gideon magazine, and a great book on personal evangelism, Secret to an Open Door. Click here for more information on being a Financial Partner.

Every day, Gideons and Friends of Gideons across the globe pray for the ultimate goal of placing God’s Word into the hands of lost people. There is no greater need today.

The Gideons International values relationships over the years with our supporters and Friends who help spread God’s Word not only across the world, but also in local communities, as an integral part of following Christ daily. Here’s a testimony from one of our new Friends, Mark:

Mark is an automotive repairman in Melbourne, Florida. Mark has a heart for the homeless men and women of his town. A few weeks ago, Mark called The Gideons International Headquarters to find out more about how he could help minister to the local homeless in Melbourne. Mark was thrilled to learn how he could obtain pocket-sized New Testaments by becoming a Friend. “Becoming a Friend was a simple decision. Now, I have access to purchase New Testaments so I can minister to people’s spiritual needs as well as their physical ones.”

As Christians, we all hold the privilege and the responsibility to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to men, women, and young people across the world. Join us as we seek to do all we can in reaching the lost.

And He said unto them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” (Mark 16:15 ESV)


Letters From Prison

by The Gideons International on December 10, 2014

The Gideons International places over 1,300,000 Scriptures in prisons and detention centers around the world each year. Here are two recent letters from inmates who received Christ through reading the Word of God.

From Drugs To Hope

Dear Gideons,

My name is Shannon, and I am incarcerated in Texas. I’m writing to let you know how The Gideons International is changing my life.

One day I was sitting on my bunk with nothing to do. Looking around the dorm, I saw a book, so I went to pick it up. It was the Holy Bible. I started reading in Proverbs. Another inmate noticed me reading and started talking about how his father had turned his life over to God after many years of drug abuse. I felt a tingle run down my spine and told him I could relate to his father. It was then I began to feel a calling to learn more about what the Bible had to say.

I started going to chapel. During one of the services, I met two Gideons, Doug and Kevin. They have inspired me to read more of the Bible and have taught me how to believe and worship my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Thank you so much for the Bibles placed in my facility and for visiting and sharing God’s Word here since I’ve been incarcerated. I read the Bible every day—one chapter of the New Testament and one chapter of Proverbs. Reading has opened my eyes so much, knowing I don’t have to use drugs to maintain my life anymore. Now that I have found Jesus, I’ve gone from dope to hope. God bless you.

Shannon (Texas)
Edited by The Gideons International

A New Direction For Life

Dear Gideons,

My name is Wesley. I received a Gideon-placed Bible from one of your brothers who volunteers in my jail. I read it every morning and night. It has brought me more wisdom and joy than I ever expected. The words opened my heart to Jesus and I have accepted Him as my Savior.

Now I find direction for my life through Christ. I read in Galatians about dying to myself and my sins so Christ can live through me. I truly believe my flesh died here in this jail and Christ is living in me. In fact, I believe He is calling me to return to school and study Biblical ministries.

You have already given me so much by providing Bibles in my jail. I hope by my faith, I can help others find life in Christ. Thank you for your devotion.

Your brother,

Wesley (Texas)
Edited by The Gideons International