Testimony: A Vial Of Poison Or A Gideon Hotel Bible?

by The Gideons International on February 4, 2011

Hotel Bibles, placed by The Gideons International, have been changing lives for more than one hundred years. Like this testimony from the early 1900’s:

“A man went into a hotel in San Francisco, secured a room with the intention of committing suicide, and laid a vial of poison on the table while making preparations for the final act. When he stepped to the table, he discovered that he had accidentally put the vial upon a Gideon Bible. As he opened it, his eyes fell upon the reference:

‘If discouraged or in trouble, read Psalm 126 and John 14.’

He read these two selections, threw the bottle of poison out of the window, knelt, and then and there gave his heart to God.”

(Printed in The Gideon magazine, March 1916)

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Mary Lucas February 4, 2011 at 9:43 pm

Praise God for His powerful Word, the Bible.


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